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Captain Blankenship

Captain Blankenship

Captain Blankenship is Beauty Wild With Nature. The truly all-natural skin care, with body & organic hair products formulated from wild-harvested ingredients. Captain Blankenship is made with love and integrity.

Captain Blankenship Reviews

Hair & Scalp Serum

Sheilah - "Nice Captain Blankenship hair serum. It absorbed well and washed out the following day. Not sticky or greasy."
Lindsay - "Great texturizing serum that provides a gorgeous shine and general renewal and vibrancy to your hair. Love this Captain Blankenship product!"
Mel - "My hair is thick, wavy, and frizzy at times and this product really helps to de-frizz and bring out the shine! This Captain Blankenship product is one of my faves all time for my hair."

Sea Salt Spray

Cary - "Finally a salt spray that doesn't dry my hair. I'm almost 40 and I've been looking for a spray like this for years for my wavy hair. This Captain Blakenship sea salt spray is my new everyday staple!"
Olivia - "Absolutely the most amazing spray I’ve ever used for my thin, flat hair! The volume of this Captain Blankenship sea salt spray is incredible!"
Melissa - "This is the only sea salt spray I will use for my hair! Not only does it smell amazing, but it brings beautiful body and definition to my natural waves. Plus it doesn’t bother my sensitive skin. Captain Blankenship, please don’t change a thing!" :)

Cleanse Shampoo

Stephanie - "My hair feels so soft. My scalp usually gets itchy but not with this Captain Blankenship shampoo, it also helps my hair not get greasy after 1 night!"
Karen - "This Captain Blankenship shampoo works wonders for my wavy somewhat dry hair. Can actually let my hair air dry!!"
Marcia - "This Blankenship shampoo is unlike anything I have used before. It's made with aloe and seaweed and smells like the ocean. It's so lovely that I sent it out as holiday gifts to my family."

Hydrate Conditioner

Karen - "Detangles with the Best of them. This Captain Blankenship conditioner detangles and washes clean - just make sure to only use on your hair ends!"
Hanna - "It smells good and washes off well. I would recommend if you're not into heavy, silicone-filled conditioners. Captain Blankenship conditioner is good and feels good."
Valentine - "These Captain Blankenship products perform as promised! The conditioner in particular is super good. My hair is extra soft and shiny. It has body and definition but is not static-y and feels moisturized. (I have fine, wavy hair.) They are pricey but they work. I will be trying their mermaid oil next."

Refresh Dry Shampoo

Laura - "So glad to see this safe Captain Blankenship dry shampoo, and to use a product on the market that also is eco-friendly."
Diana - "This Captain Blankenship product works well with my baby fine, thin hair. It has the best scent and I am super happy with my purchase."
Emily - "This Captain Blankenship is the best non-toxic dry shampoo I have ever tried!"

Refresh Dark Dry Shampoo

Susanne - "Amazing Captain Blankenship product and so glad it’s available in dark! Thank you for making this easy and healthy for my red hair!"
Alicia - "Gorgeous Captain Blankenship product. Works incredibly and smells delicious. Sometimes I just use it to make my hair smell amazing even when I don't need it."
Katherine - "This is a clean dry shampoo that really works!! I have deep brunette hair and the dark formula leaves zero white cast. This Captain Blankenship dry shampoo absorbs oil wonderfully and leaves my roots feeling refreshed. I’m an every-other-day washer and this works great on my second-day hair, styled or not. It also smells great."