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Dr. Alkaitis Organics Organic Herbal Toner
Dr. Alkaitis Organics Organic Herbal Toner
Dr. Alkaitis Organics Organic Herbal Toner
Dr. Alkaitis Organics Organic Herbal Toner

Dr. Alkaitis Organics Organic Herbal Toner

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Organic Aloe Vera gel, Chamomile, and Atlantic Sea Kelp work to tone and balance the skin. Also acts as an astringent and anti-inflammatory and serves as an excellent after-sun tonic. Can be used as a day moisturizer for oily complexions.

Full Size: 4oz 

Mid Size: 2oz

In the palm of your hand, dispense a dime-size amount of toner. Apply over the entire face, using only your fingertips. Oily skin types may use the organic herbal toner in place of Dr. Alkaitis' Day or Night Crème, to promote a satin-like, shine-free complexion. Makeup may be applied after your skin has absorbed the toner. Use Daily. 

Into a base of organic Aloe Vera gel*, Witch Hazel and organic grape alcohol* (from the fermentation of organically grown grapes), the following organic and wild-crafted herbs are blended: Greater Nettle*, Wild Chamomile flowersº, Myrrhº, European Elder blossoms*, Marsh Mallow*, French Lavender flowers*, Curacao Orange*, Benzoinº, Rosemary*, Wild Fennelº and Balm Mint*. Grapefruit* and Lemon* extracts. Sea Oakº, Atlantic Kelpº and Pearl Mossº. Also added are natural vitamin B and vitamin C complexes and 100% pure Essential Oils.

* – Signifies certified organically grown.
º – Signifies ethically wild-crafted. 


Think Dirty is a project established to help understand the truth about ingredients used in the cosmetics industry. Think Dirty empowers and educates the consumer by allowing them to make informed choices on what products to purchase and what companies to trust. The mobile app, launched in 2013, lists over 69.000 products and counting. 

Hazard Score Key:

(0-2)      Neutral

(3-6)      Half N’Half

(7-10)    Dirty 

Dr. Alkaitis Holistic Organic Skin Food (Dr. Alkaitis Organics, LLC) was formed in 1996. We are a family-run business located in Northern California and New York City. We are honored to provide you with a pristine healthy product. All of our ingredients are either certified organic, ethically wild-crafted and/or biodynamic. It is our greatest pleasure to contribute towards your health and the healing of the planet by sharing our raw, living, holistic, organic, therapeutic skin food with you! All of our products are biologically active. Our ingredients are either certified organic, ethically wild-crafted and/or biodynamic. All of our products are edible. We do not use any chemicals or synthetic materials. We do not use “plant derived” ingredients, trans-fats nor genetically modified organisms or any materials derived from them. 


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