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Beauty By Earth

Beauty By Earth

Beauty By Earth is natural skin care products that work naturally. Beauty By Earth has pure, effective, non toxic, cruelty free, award winning natural ingredients.

Beauty By Earth Reviews

Facial Scrub

Conner - "This Beauty by Earth scrub is pretty cool due to the green color and the fresh scent it has. It is very water-based, so it forms into a lather and spreads out very quickly throughout the face. As an exfoliant, it is decent but because one can work this into a lather more than other types of exfoliants, it is not quite as rough. On the plus side though, this means that it is great for individuals with sensitive skin."
Grace - "This Beauty by Earth scrub has a pleasant smell and works very well for my sensitive skin."
Jennifer - "I absolutely love this facial scrub, from the texture and consistency to the fresh peppermint smell and tingly feeling it leaves on my face. My face feels so clean and smooth after using this, it leaves no residue and does not irritate my face with the texture of the scrub. And on top of all of that, knowing it is made with all-natural ingredients. I highly recommend this Beauty by Earth facial scrub"😁

Makeup Remover

Tania - "To be honest, I did not use this anywhere on my face except to remove my eye makeup. So I can only comment on how well it removes eye makeup. I used a cotton square and with just a little bit of this formula, it removed all traces of my mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, and eye primer. It did not sting my eyes. I will definitely repurchase when this is finished :) Happy customer! Love the price point of this brand. Can't wait to try out a few other Beauty by Earth products on my next purchase."
Sdopp - "Removes makeup fast especially mascara. I use this makeup remover to get my mascara and eyeliner off almost daily. Beauty by Earth works great and doesn’t irritate my eyes. It’s not oily either."
Sun - "I needed an ORGANIC, clean make-up remover, the one I used is not available anymore so I went on the net to search and found this Beauty by Earth makeup remover, and I like it. Works great, price is right."

Coffee Bean Eye Cream

CJ - "Coffee bean eye moisturizer is sublime, leaving the delicate skin under your eyes soft. It depuffs and brightens your look. I definitely recommend this Beauty by Earth cream, and it won’t hurt your pocket !"
Miranda - "I love the Beauty By Earth Eye Cream! It works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! My skin feels moisturized and hydrated! It absorbed quickly and did not leave a greasy feeling! I am incredibly impressed! Above and beyond customer satisfaction!"
Ann - "I love this Beauty by Earth cream . It truly feels amazing on my eyes! Love the simple ingredients and the smell as well. Definitely worth the results."

Oil Control Face Moisturizer

Casey - "Great lightweight, non-oily moisturizer! Smells good too! Has a pepperminty smell to it. It really does decrease the oil on my face! Beauty by Earth helps me to not get greasy."
Joy - "Lovely Moisturizer! I love this Beauty by Earth moisturizer! Makes my skin feel so soft! It's a great base for my makeup. The scent is invigorating-peppermint and sandalwood is soft but lovely. This is a repeat purchase for me."
Erica - "Fantastic! I have oily/combo skin for sure. This one feels so great when you put it on your skin, and it is light enough to wear under your makeup during the day. I was not at all shiny throughout the day. My makeup looked fresh and just overall a great experience with this Beauty by Earth day time lotion."

Self Tanner

Megan - "Easy to work with! I've tried a variety of self-tanners. This one easily works into the skin and feels like a lotion on the skin. The next morning, I woke up with a gorgeous bronze hue! I will continue purchasing this Beauty by Earth self-tanner!"
Nancy - "Satisfied customer. I love the Beauty by Earth product. This self-tanner is by far the best one I have used. It goes on evenly, gives a great color and the odor is minimal."
Leona - "I love this Beauty by Earth product!! Having very sensitive skin and allergies, this self-tanner was perfect for me. It went on very smoothly, and for the first time ever, I had a nice golden tan. Normally my skin is very pale, but the love the results!!!"

Aloe Vera Gel

Timothy - "Healing and Non-Irritating. I love this aloe vera gel. It is my favorite Beauty by Earth product when my face needs a little calming."
Chelsey - "I love this Beauty by Earth product. I was a little afraid to try the product because of my sensitive skin, but I really like it. So far so good, I have seen my face getting clearer and more even. Also good for dry spots on your body. I have eczema on my neck and it has helped with that too."
Natalie - "EXCELLENT. Will definitely be buying more and more from Beauty by Earth. They are fantastic as well as this product. Thank you for being truly organic and not irritating my skin." 🤗🤗

Facial Toner

Trisha - "Another favorite. I use this every night with a reusable bamboo pad (another must-have). It smells so good and works great. The only products I use on my face are Beauty by Earth products. They are all the best. I used to have problems with acne and thanks to these products, that's a thing of the past."
Amy - "This Beauty by Earth toner smells nice and works great! Helps with my son's breakouts as well!"
Bonnie - "This is a wonderful Beauty by Earth toner. Smell great and leaves skin feeling clean. Highly recommend."

Facial Wash

Sarah - "Very pleased. Very happy with this Beauty by Earth face wash! Smells good, isn’t drying & does the job is cleaning off sweat and dirt and makeup!"
Bekah - "I’ve been on a clean journey the past few years and face wash has been the one hole. Most things I try to break me out bc I have such sensitive skin. With this Beauty by Earth brand, I went right into using it, and not a single break out! Usually, you have to phase into it and let your skin acclimate, nope, not this guy! And it doesn’t dry your skin out either. Love it."
yvr_mom - "Smells great and works amazingly well! Smells great and works amazingly well! I love this Beauty by Earth face wash! It smells so good! I have sensitive skin that breaks out but is also dry. I love that this face wash is controlling any breakouts very well, while at the same time not drying out my skin at all. I’m also impressed with the organic ingredients, and that it’s made in the USA. I highly recommend this face wash!"