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Nash and Jones Luxe Headband
Nash and Jones Luxe Headband

Nash and Jones Luxe Headband

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Our Super Soft Luxe Cloth headband has a velcro closure for the easiest way to pull back hair for cleansing/masks/applying make-up/etc.

Made in the USA

Machine washable.

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Use while putting on make up or any mask or scrub routine.

Throw in wash with whites. Machine washable. 

100% Cottom

The Nash & Jones line began out of necessity. After our babes were born, we all started having awful sensitivities to strong smells, scratchy touch and unnatural food ingredients so we adopted a more natural lifestyle.

This included changes to what we consumed on the inside AND the outside of our bodies.

We started a garden and crafted the first of many products we use daily.
We went back to the earth for naturally grown & harvested ingredients to craft natural & effective solutions.

After all, what we put onto our skin also gets absorbed into the body.



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