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Wash Your Makeup Brushes Properly

Angela Dubia

Posted on July 13 2018

Wash your makeup brushes because it is key to have your makeup brushes last longer as long as you are doing it right!

Grab your dirty makeup brushes, soap, a clean towel and head to the sink!


Use warm water.

Turn on the water and check the temperature to make sure it is warm, not hot. Let the bristles of the makeup brush touch the water to get it wet.

Use gentle to mild soap.

Swirl your dirty makeup brush into the soap then into the water. It is optional to also have a makeup cleaning mat to help clean your makeup brushes. (Personal Safe & Chic tip, we love using our favorite facial cleanser)

Gently pinch bristles to rid of excess water.

Once the water runs clear, gently pinch bristles to remove the excess water.

Reshape and lay flat to dry.

Swirl your makeup brush on clean towel to reshape and lay flat to dry.

(Personal Safe & Chic Tip: If in a hurry, a little hair dryer action occasionally)

Tip: Point it downwards and never soak them.

By facing it upwards, the product is sinking down into the bristles, which doesn’t help when you’re trying to remove the product out of the bristles. The water will run down the makeup brush, loosening the glue that holds it together on the ferrule. For that reason, never soak them either! Doing this overtime will have your makeup brushes fall apart.

It is suggested to wash your makeup brushes at least once a month minimum! The more you use your makeup brushes, the more we suggest you clean them.

MOTD Cosmetics makeup brushes make it quick and easy to clean because they are:

  • made from high grade synthetic polyester fiber
  • soft and lasts longer than most animal fur bristles
  • hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial since they are non-porous, unlike animal fur
  • dries quicker than animal hair

Animal hair brushes trap dirt and oil from our face and create a breeding ground for bacteria.

Yes, it’s a chore we hate to do, but your makeup brushes and skin will thank you in the long run!

Have you washed your makeup brushes recently?

- MOTD Cosmetics






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