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      News — Organic Bunny

      Organic Bunny Blog Post - Safe & Chic

      I love online shopping, not only can you find the very best Organic and Natural stuff, but you don’t even have to leave home to do it! I do 99% of my shopping online, mostly because malls and other stores never have the Organic products I prefer, which is why I am always on the prowl for Green Beauty Boutiques that make online shopping a breeze!

      Safe & Chic Boutique-

      I discovered this online green beauty store on Instagram, where else, and I am so happy I did because they carry some of my absolute favorite brands, making it much easier to order a few things at once. Every product sold at Safe & Chic is free of toxins, parabens and other dangerous chemicals found in most mainstream products, they even scan them through the Think Dirty and Skin Deep databases to ensure that all ingredients are safe, never putting you at risk!

      Safe & Chic carries some of my absolute favorite green beauty brands, check out a few faves!

      • 100% Pure
      • Indie Lee
      • Kahina
      • Lina Hanson
      • Red Flower
      • SW Basics
      • Vapour
      • Vered
      • W3ll People
      • Zoe Organics

      Now that you know some of my favorite brands that are available on this site, check out the items I ordered!

      Vapour Bronzers-

      I cannot live without the Vapour Organic foundation sticks and bronzers, they truly make contouring and adding depth to my face so beyond easy, all without any toxic chemicals polluting my skin. I use the Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation in a few shades darker than my skin tone to add a matte bronzed look on my cheeks, nose, forehead and chin, and then I go over the cheekbones and a few other areas with Vapour’s actual Bronzer in Spicy to add a little more bronze shimmer to a few areas of my face.

      All Vapour products are 70% Organic and 30% Natural Mineral Pigments making this one of the safest ways to add a little glow to your gorgeous face.

      To Use: I use the W3LL People foundation brush, this makes applying cream bronzers so easy, just apply the product onto your face, blend into your foundation with this brush and you’re good to go! This brush blends it all together so nicely, you don’t even need a Beauty Blender to finish this look flawlessly, although when I am taking my time, I do like to use a BB to give it that perfect finish.

      Red Flower Bioactive Berry White Peat Exfoliant-

      Restore skin’s smooth texture and vibrant health by clearing away dead skin cells and drawing out toxins with this very gentle Bioactive Berry White Peat Exfoliant, perfectly smoothed by nature’s forces. Using carefully sourced Arctic White Peat from Finland, this Organic material contains thousands of years of plant decomposition from the last ice age that is rich in nutrients, essential fiber, fatty acids, and minerals that produce warming enzymes on the skin.

      The intense potency of Arctic White Peat combats dry, mature skin and improves the moisture balance. Bio-active Arctic Berry seeds of Strawberries and Blueberries offer a surge of Vitamin C and powerful Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, encouraging cellular turnover and increased blood flow. This body exfoliant is a gentle way to exfoliate your skin as it is not very course which is ideal for sensitive skin or those that enjoy light scrubs.

      To Use: I like using this as a body exfoliation every few days or so, just to keep dead skin cells away.

      This Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask offers powerful hair repair at home, rejuvenating damaged, dull hair all while preserving color-treated hair’s vibrancy. This mask penetrates the hair deeply, helping it bounce back to life and shine brighter than before. Unlike other hair oils that simply coat hair strands, the Ungurahua Oil, rich in Omega-9, consists of tiny molecules that slip into the heart of each strand of hair to heal, fortify and soften, infusing your thirsty hair with some much-needed moisture.



      Quinoa protein strengthens; lavender and eucalyptus add a touch of aromatherapy to inspire a relaxing, once-a-week, 15-minute beauty ritual. This product, which is often referred to as “hair insurance,” offers the benefit of a typically salon-only, intensive-treatment in the convenience of your own home. This product also scores a squeaky clean “0” on the Think Dirty app meaning it’s definitely a safe one to try.



      To Use: Every week or so I like using this mask. I will wash my hair as normal and then follow up with this hair mask, letting it saturate into my hair for 10-15 minutes and then rinsing. After this mask, my hair is tangle free, way more manageable and I love that it’s actually improving my hair’s condition instead of just topically treating it like most other shampoos.