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      4 Must-Try Spring Hairstyles By Briogeo!


      As the artic winter air loosens its grip to make way for spring’s warmer weather, it’s time to let down your locks and start the season fresh with a chic new ‘do. From rooftop soirees to backyard barbeques, here’s a must-try style for every occasion:

      A Cascading Braid

      Perfect For: A Backyard BBQ

      photo: Amber Fillerup (barefootblonde.com) 

      A messy, cascading braid is a simple solution for locking strands in place to enjoy a breezy backyard BBQ with friends. Start by parting your hair down the middle and Dutch braiding each section along either side of your head. Secure two braids at the back of your head with a clear elastic. At the back, separate the rest of your hair into three sections. Incorporating all of your hair, continue to braid regularly until you’ve reached the bottom. Secure with an elastic. Pull and tug at small sections of the braid for a messy look.

      A Perky Pony

      Perfect For: An Afternoon Hike

      photo: pinterest.com/nalaliaa

      A classic ponytail is always a winning look. For a sleek look, we recommend starting with straight hair. Spritz ends of your hair post-shower with a burst of Rosarco Milk Leave-In Spray to keep them soft and protected from your blow dryer and straightening iron.

      Once hair is smooth and ready to go, brush straight back from your forehead and gather it all together high up on your head. Wondering the perfect pony height for you? Draw an imaginary line straight back from your eyebrows- that is where your ponytail should sit! Secure hair with an elastic and you’re good to go!

      A Simple Chignon

      Perfect For: Rooftop Cocktails

      photo: via brit+co (brit.co)

      Get ready for some Friday night fun with a fun, easy up-do. After washing out the week with Be Gentle, Be Kind Shampoo, blow dry and style hair as normal. With hair all down, slip a headband with elastic around the crown of your head. Leaving a few face-framing sections of hair free, gather the rest at the nape of your neck. Gently wind hair up and around the headband, tucking ends below the elastic to secure. Once hair is wrapped up, gently curl face-framing pieces. Time to hit the town!

      Tousled Waves

      Perfect For: A Leisurely Lounge In The Park

      photo via womenandmenhairstyles.blogspot.com

      Before blow drying hair, blast your roots with a few sprays of Blossom & Bloom Volumizing Spray to give strands a boost. Blow-dry as normal. Using a straightener, curl 1” sections of your hair. Grasp hair between straightener tongs and twist one full rotation to the right. Gently pull straightener down the length of your hair until curled. Repeat with remaining sections. Once hair is curled, flip your hair upside down and gently muss up your hair by the roots. Finish by gently tousling your strands for a messy, beachy look. Voila!

      Give these new looks a try and share your favorite spring hairstyle with us on Instagram by tagging @briogeo and @safeandchic

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