Makeup 101 - Fitglow Beauty New Day + Night Makeup Palettes

Safe & Chic

Posted on December 05 2018

The new DAY PALETTE of Mineral Eye Shadows and Blush is a gorgeous range of beautiful neutrals with a soft pink blush to give definition and a healthy pop of color to the skin.

Begin with your regular complexion routine to prep the skin and brows. Nina is wearing the Vita Active Foundation in VF2 with Conceal + in C2 to brighten under the eyes. The skin is set with Vita Set Powder all over for a flawless finish on the skin, and Lip Colour Cream in PURE on the lips.



Begin your shadow application using a medium brush to apply a mid-tone shade all over the lid and blend it into the crease. Here we are using the shade WISE for a warm wash of brown over the lid. This will give definition and shape to the eye.


With a smaller brush, apply a light shadow color to the inner corner of the eyes. Here we are using the shade COCONUT to brighten. This brings a pop of light and opening to the eyes.


Using a small brush again, use a deep shade to line the outer corner of the eye only. Here we are using the shade STORM to give definition and depth to the outer eye, creating the illusion of an elongated shade and larger eyes.


Using a large fluffy brush, apply a few strokes of the blush shade SOFTNESS to the apples of the cheeks for a flush of color. The pigments of the shadows and blush have a lot of color payoff, so work accordingly. If you love a lot of blush, build up slowly for a natural blend.

Finish the look with a few coats of the Good Lash + mascara. A simple, eye defining, healthy makeup look suitable for every day in a few easy steps, all with products that nourish and treat the skin through the day. With 5 shadow shades to choose from in the Day Palette, there is so much room to play with looks from a clean natural look to a moody smokey eye. For a more defined liner, use a wet angled brush to create sharper definition with the shades. The options are endless.



The NIGHT PALETTE of Mineral Eyeshadows and Blush is a deeper range of neutrals with a hint of luminance in the deeper shades and a dusty pink blush for definition in the cheeks. Begin with your regular complexion routine to prep the skin and brows. Nina is using the same products as above.


Begin with a medium shade over the lid with a medium shadow brush. Here we are using ASPEN over the lid. For more definition you can use a deeper shade, build up the pigments gradually as the shadow is potent. A touch of CONCEAL + blended over the lids makes a great shadow primer.


With a smaller brush, apply a light shadow color to the inner corners of the eye once again, to brighten and give the illusion of larger more wide open eyes. Here we are using the shade FIZZ.


Now use the smaller brush again to wrap your mid-tone color under the eyes. We are using ASPEN to match the lid shade and create a soft definition under the eyes as well.


With a small angled brush and a deeper shade than your lid color, begin from the center of the eye and work outwards creating a liner from mid-eye to the outer eye, and blending it up and out just a little for a messy cat-eye shape. With your small brush, smudge along this deep liner to give a soft finish to the line. The shade we are using for this is CAROB.


Apply the blush in KIND to the apples of the cheeks with a large fluffy brush for a diffused application. If you love a lot of blush, build up your product slowly, blending as you work.

Add a few coats of mascara to finish off the eyes and this is an easy smokey eye look to achieve. From the highlight shades to the deeper tones, the Night Palette can be used as a liner as well as a shadow to customize your look. Working with your lightest shades on the inner eyes, and keeping your deeper tones to the outer eye will always draw the eye outward to create the illusion of larger more wide opened eyes. Smokey eyes wrapped underneath the eye can give more definition, and you can use mascara on your bottom lashes or hold off if you want to maintain a lift to the eye look. The gorgeous shades in the NIGHT PALETTE are ready for you to play and customize your favorite look.