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Spring Back Into Your Healthy Glow

Posted on February 24 2016

Odacite the cult California brand with French savoir faire, presents its wild carrot serum to uplift your glow from winter to spring.

Spring is coming and nature is beginning to play up its beautiful colors. Sadly your complexion may still be in winter mode! To eliminate the lackluster winter skin shade, you can count on Odacite one month treatment of CaR Wild Carrot Serum to be your solution.

“Unlike most carrot oils which are obtained by macerating carrots in cheap oil, ours is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of wild carrots. This unique and ancient extraction takes place in a small French village, following the same process for over two centuries. It yields a rare and precious elixir de beauty, full of vitamins and based with an extraordinary scent” says Valerie Gradury the founder of Odacite.

The secret of its success lies in its high content of beta carotene (pro –vitamin A), which provides all complexions the fresh radiance of an instant in the sun, CaR is the perfect treatment for all skin that is depleted by winter and lacking vitality.

Real skincare must have of spring, just after the first application, the skin is fresher with a dewy finish. After 2-3 weeks of treatment the skin comes back to life and regains its glow.

The full range of 18 Odacite Serum Concentrates is formulated to customize your skincare routine to a specific need. Each of the 18 Serum Concentrates aims at the precise skin problem to deliver targeted results in minimal time. 

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