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Winter Skin Care Tips – Nighttime Edition

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Posted on January 11 2016

The harsh winds and dry air of winter can be damaging to skin, but cuddling up in the cozy comforts of home may not be any more beneficial to your skin. Recently we shared winter skin care tips to help you throughout the day, and now we share tips for your nighttime routine. Artificial heat and water can be just as drying to skin as the air outside, so the key to healthy winter skin is moderation and moisture. Limit time in showers and in front of the fire, but do seek out moisture in forms of hot tea, humidifiers, and lotion. Lots and lots of lotion.


  • Don’t linger in a hot bath. As much as you may want to, reduce the number of baths you take and keep them under 10 minutes. Hot water can quickly dry out skin.
  • Take warm instead of hot showers. Easier said than done when it’s cold out, but streaming hot water from the shower can strip your skin of important natural oils, which help skin to balance moisture.
  • Warm up with hot tea. Since a steaming hot shower is out, help your body warm up (and stay hydrated!) with a calming nighttime tea (preferably Herbal or Decaf).
  • Put on lotion while skin is still wet. At the end of your bath or shower, pat your skin dry, but not all the way. Lotion, like Sally B’s Skin Yummies’ Eco Body Lotion, will create a protective layer over skin, allowing the skin to absorb any lingering water.
  • Exfoliate regularly. Dry, flaky skin cells left unattended can attract dirt and bacteria, and keep your moisturizing ingredients from properly doing their job. Exfoliating regularly - like with our Fruit Acid Toner for your face and Sugar Scrub for your hands and feet – will keep this from happening.


  • Remove all your makeup. Because there is a tendency to wear heavier makeup applications in the winter, especially with the fancy parties filling up your social calendar, it is important to fully remove it each night and thoroughly cleanse your face. Try our Tamanu Luxury Organic Facial Cleanser for a truly soft, smooth, and clean finish.
  • Steer clear of heat. Do not sleep in the direct air path of a heating vent or space heater. Over the course of your uninterrupted, peaceful 8-hour slumber (we can dream right?!), it can severely dry out skin.
  • Use a humidifier. If the air in your bedroom is especially dry, add a humidifier to introduce moisture into the air. Keep it close to your bed so your skin reaps the most benefit.
  • Hands and feet need “beauty sleep,” too. Get in the habit of sleeping in lotion gloves and socks a couple times a week, and always after a long day outdoors. Slather on a good amount of of B Soothed and then put on a pair of gloves or socks. Let the product absorb into skin overnight.
  • By Sally Larsen of Sally B’s Skin Yummies