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Introduction to Bare Bones Deodorant

Safe & Chic

Posted on January 07 2016

  1. What prompted you to create your brand?

When I was in high school I started having allergic reactions to many mainstream products, I would break out in hives from deodorants or shampoos that I grabbed off any drugstore shelf. So I started early having to be more aware of what was going on my skin. Then in college I had some projects that allowed me to dig deeper into the chemicals that are commonly found in personal care products, I couldn't believe the lack of regulation in the personal care industry and how many unnecessary additives they used. So out of a passion for using less ingredients, exposing myself to less harmful chemicals, and a college budget, I started making my own! A few years later I had a lot of friends that told me people would be into products with less toxic fluff and more potent, nourishing ingredients, so I gave it a go! My goal is to give people a body care routine that's safe, easy, effective, and affordable.

  1. What ingredients do you believe consumers should avoid and why?

Oh man, I wish the list was short enough to include in this answer. One of the most important facts that I like to tell people to get a conversation going is that the European Union has banned over 1,300 substances for use in personal care products, and the U.S. has only banned about 10. Crazy, right? It's definitely an eye opener to the real priorities of most companies, and unfortunately, our health isn't it. My top ingredients to avoid would definitely be Fragrance (can hide an average of 14 chemicals not required to be listed on the label), Aluminum Zirconium (commonly found in antiperspirant deodorants, linked to Alzheimer's & breast cancer), and Parabens (any ingredient that ends in paraben is a preservative that can be estrogen mimicking & linked to cancer & reproductive toxicity). Visit Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep site for a good resource on ingredient safety.

  1. What ingredients are definitely not added to any of your products?

Our products have the most basic (in a good way) and potent ingredients possible. We never use artificial preservatives, we actually don't use any preservatives right now. We never use fragrance, only pure and organic essential oils and extracts. No parabens, aluminum, mineral oil, coal tar, talc, sodium laureth, basically, nothing that will harm you! Unless you are allergic to one of our ingredients of course. Our main line up is Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Candelilla Wax, Jojoba oil and Hemp seed Oil. 

  1. What can we expect from your brand in the near future?

I got excited just reading this question! :) I made the distinction of calling my brand Bare Bones Body care because my vision is to have it be more than just skin care. Our plans for the future include hair care, teeth care, sunscreen, and even some healing balms for specific skin conditions. I have psoriasis and know many people with eczema so I've always wanted to create some helpful products for those ailments. Basically we want to make it super easy and affordable to take your whole body care routine nontoxic, vegan and cruelty-free. 

  1. What sets you apart from your competitors?

The great thing about small batch skin care brands is that there's usually no lack of passion for making safer products for people and I'm glad that's becoming more of something that people want from brands they purchase from. I would say the difference between us and others tends to be affordability and gender neutrality. I know that my price points are low and that will cause us to take a little longer to get where we want to be, but I'm willing to wait. In college I was bummed that I just couldn't afford the natural products that were around then, and I want everyone possible to have a chance to buy nontoxic products regularly, not just as a treat. We also keep our products as simple as possible when it comes to scent, I didn't want to make any product lean more to one gender or the other, and anyone can use and enjoy them! Ultimately, we don't just want to make body care and sell it to you, we want to be your resource for your nontoxic journey. So I'm super stoked that our new website launching this month will have a blog that will address many aspects of detoxing your products. Hope you will join us!