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Introduction to Aleavia Skincare

Safe & Chic

Posted on December 24 2015

  1. Are your products tested on animals? Never! We are a 100% cruelty free company.
  2. Do your products contain parabens? No
  3. Are your products non-gmo? Yes
  4. Is the Soy Lecithin, that is only in your sprays, non-gmo? Yes, we only source out non-gmo ingredients for our products.
  5. The facial wash and body wash have the same ingredients. What is the difference? Our facial and body washes begin with the same prebiotic base. Our body washes have 30% more coconut oil added to them compared to our facial wash. Our only scented formula, our Prebiotic Lavender Body Wash, has lavender essential oil added to it to give it even more healing benefits for the skin and a wonderful light natural fragrance. If you are more dry and need more moisturizing, your best option is to use one of our prebiotic body washes on the face and body. If you are oilier, our Prebiotic Facial Cleanser is your best option.
  6. What is the pH level of your products? Our facial and body washes range from a 6.4 - 6.8. Our topical sprays are set at 4.0.
  7. What are the best products for rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and skin problems of this nature? The best products for these skin conditions are our Prebiotic Skin Restoration Kit. It comes with our Prebiotic Facial Cleanser and our Prebiotic Restore Soothing Mist. The kits work in synergy with each other and will give you the best results!
  8. Do your products contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfates? All our products are free of sodium lauryl sulfates, dyes and artificial fragrances.
  9. Is it normal for my condition to get worse before it gets better? We have a small group of people that will have a worsening phase when using Aleavia products. This is the prebiotics pulling the toxins and chemicals out of the skin in order for your skin to begin to properly pH balance and become alkaline. You may notice a 3 phase process of healing. First, a worsening phase, second, a drying phase and third, new smooth skin that is pH balanced and healthy. Once this happens, your skin will look and feel fabulous! This process can take some time - anywhere from 2 weeks to 30-60 days, depending on your individual skin type.
  10. How come the prebiotic sprays light brown in color? Is this normal? This brown color is perfectly normal! This is the very high level of Kelp we put in these exclusive formulas. Kelp has an abundance of iodine properties, hence why the formulas are a brownish color! Not to worry, just shake the bottle before each use and spray away! You may see a faint brownish color when you apply to the skin, but it will quickly absorb into the skin! Remember, this slimy seaweed is packed full of amazing anti-aging benefits to heal and restore beauty to the skin!
  11. Are your products good for fresh scars from surgery? Yes! Our exclusive prebiotic formulas are perfect and completely safe for fresh scars from surgery or an accident. We have seen scars and burns heal 2-3 times faster using our products.
  12. Can I use on burns or fresh cuts on the skin? Yes! Our prebiotic formulas are perfect to speed up the healing from fresh cuts and burns and to minimize any scarring.
  13. If my skin is drier, which product or products should I use? For dry skin, one of our prebiotic body washes works best for the face and body. These formulas have 30% more coconut oil than our Prebiotic Facial Cleanser and provide the extra moisture dry skin needs.
  14. If my skin is oily, which product or products should I use? For oily skin, our Prebiotic Facial Cleanse works best, it has the least amount of coconut oil and is perfect to bring balance back to the skin. If you suffer from oily and acne prone skin, our Prebiotic Acne Kit is optimal to control oil and pull the acne out of the skin.
  15. Are your ingredients organic? All of our ingredients are natural (plant derived) or certified organic.
  16. Are your products safe during pregnancy? Yes! All of our products are perfectly safe before, during and after pregnancy!
  17. Are your products safe for babies and children? Yes, our products are perfectly safe for infants and children.
  18. Is your water filtered? Our water is filtered and deionized
  19. Does your products remove make-up? Yes! Not only will it remove your make-up with ease, it also removes all water proof make-up off with ease! Just keep eyes closed tightly as the sea salt can burn the eyes.