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Makeup Artist Tips For a PRTTY Winter + Q&A

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Posted on December 06 2015

Makeup Artist Tips For a PRTTY Winter + Q&A


Now that the frosty months are upon us there’s no need to relegate your precious pack of PRTTY PEAUSHUN to the back of the cupboard. Think of it as sunshine in a pouch! Not only will the glowing shades give the impression of a week in Ibiza, but the skin conditioning benefits are myriad. Since PP is gorgeous on the face and hair as well as the body, think of it as a way to keep the skin under the jumper in tip top shape while radiating youthfulness above. The Plain shade of PP is your best friend this season… achieve all the benefits of the 100% natural emollients and organic plant extracts with a moist, dewy result to fight off the drying effects of winter.

All the shades are brilliant when used as the base of your beauty routine. Use it on the face alone, mixed with a drop of liquid foundation as a radiant tinted moisturizer or as a primer under makeup foundation. The glowing shades will peak through for a subtle luminescence and the Plain will give extra sheen. After washing the face at night, use the Plain as a night cream and wake up to moist, plump skin. Apply to the body as well after bathing to see and feel the difference in the morning. Spreading the Plain under layers of clothing will not only look and feel wonderful when the atmosphere is sucking the life out of the skin but will also serve as an anti-static solution to keep clothes from clinging in all the wrong places. To avoid electrified hair, use what’s left on the hands to smooth it down.

To prevent or remedy chapping and cracking, rub the lotion into the lips, into dry elbows, knees and heels. Massage into cuticles and backs of hands to keep them soft in spite of the season.

Daring to bare for the holidays? Get your glow on that exposed skin and add an extra swipe to high points like shoulders and collarbone. Add extra oomph to your visage with a dab over your makeup on the crest of the cheekbone, the brow bone, the top of the nose, the center of the chin.

Having a sexy night in with your better half? Slather up in Plain before slipping between the sheets. Better yet, have your partner do the honors…!

Treating yourself to a massage but not looking forward to the oily finale that ruins your clothes? Therapists love PP in Plain for its beautiful texture and non-greasy slip. A final rub with a glow shade will give a red carpet finish to your service before an evening out.

Got the winter blues? The sunny citrusy scent of the PP ingredients has proven to be uplifting to the mood and revitalizing to the senses. Research has shown that grapefruit aromas curb depression, enhance memory, reverse chronic fatigue, stimulate alertness, normalize hormone levels, and immune function. A whiff can control appetite and reduce food cravings while boosting metabolism and helping digestion. Moms-to-be, take note, it’s also been found to help with nausea… not to mention the benefits PP provides to promote elasticity to the skin over the bump.

PRTTY PEAUSHUN is not just for summer… it is summer, all year round, with PRTTY PEAUSHUN.

 1. What prompted you to create your brand?

As a Makeup Artist (MUA) I created PRTTY PEAUSHUN (PP) for my own needs on the set. I couldn’t find what I wanted in the marketplace, so, as most MUAs do, I made it myself. The response was so phenomenal over so many years from models, celebs, photographers and directors, that the recommendation to make PP available was a daily thing. Admittedly, I was skeptical to take the risk in a down economy. Tracy Anderson, celeb fitness guru, was the one who really pushed to make it happen and convinced me that it wasn’t as risky as I feared considering how gorgeous PP is on the skin and on camera, especially as a natural product at the forefront of that movement. Thank you, Tracy!

2. What are the ingredients you never use in your products and the reasons behind this decision?

PRTTY PEAUSHUN is free of: gluten, dyes, synthetic fragrance, animal products, petroleum products and toxins of any kind. We’ve created a product that we want to use on our own skin and the skin of those we love.


3. What has been the most challenging part of your journey creating this brand?

The business end has been the biggest challenge for me personally, as that is not my forte, which is why I partnered up with my dear friend Tami Riddle. With her keen business sense we complement each other well and make a great team.


4. If you could go back to the beginning of the creation of your brand what would you do differently?

I would have set the business side up with the right support from the beginning. As it was, I didn’t anticipate the explosion and I wasn’t prepared. I launched PP and the website on my own in January 2010 and ran it for a year by myself. In January of the following year I partnered with Tami and a year and half later Dawn joined us part time in marketing/sales, increasing to full time a year later. We now have our dream team, but it would have saved a lot of stress, time and money to have launched with such stellar support from the start.


5. What is the best beauty advice you have received? 

Less is more. And, skin first… Cosmetics should simply enhance beautiful skin. 


6. What can we expect from your brand in the near future?



7. What are you glad you didn’t know when you first started this brand that you know now?

All of it! If I had had any idea what this would’ve involved I probably would have been too afraid to take the leap. The work load is intense, the hours even more so. The stress level is most often at peak levels. On the flip side, I’ve never done anything quite so satisfying and I’m so so proud of us!!! We are incredibly grateful for all the support and enthusiasm that has come our way through PRTTY PEAUSHUN!