Get to Know Sevani Botanica

Safe & Chic

Posted on September 25 2015

Which Sevani product are we obsessed with?

This is a tough one!  It is a real challenge to single out one item we are most proud of, as they are all quite unique and special! Being said, the Ageless Radiance cleanser has been a physicians and editors pick (IN STYLE magazine editors) and as it is recommended frequently for its multi-function properties as a cleanser, masque and mild exfoliator. It is 100% free of soap which commonly strips the dermal matrix and results in more sensitized skin prone to a myriad of ailments.  

We are also very excited about both the Rose Hyaluronic Age Defying Tonique and Advanced Complexion Corrector.  These are both liquid products that some may liken to a toner, however, they are far more than a toner. These are liquid nutrient blends of botanicals, vitamins and anti-aging nutrients like no other, and a little goes a long way!  The small molecular structure of these unique blends penetrates rapidly, preventing the need for layering of too many products. That is why our line is not cumbersome. Cleanse, spritz, treat, and hydrate.  The spritz is a treatment in easy-to-use cost effective packaging. You can choose to mist and press into the skin or apply with gauze or cotton as you so desire.  The rapid renewal crème is the perfect complement and is ideal for even the most sensitive of skin types, adult acne and more.

Basically, we are obsessed with them all!  :)

For a new customer trying out your brand what would you suggest as their skin routine?

A great way to start with our products would be a Sevani Holistic Skin Care System.  This consists of the Ageless Radiance AHA Cleanser, the Rose Hyaluronic Age Defying Tonique or Advanced Complexion Corrector, Rapid Renewal Crème, along with a serum per skin type (we offer an oil, crème or gel depending on preference), and eye crème. These 4-5 items are a great start for any and all skin types.

What sets you apart from other skincare lines similar to yours?

What sets us apart and inspires us is our desire to make a difference both environmentally and as skin care experts.  Sher was inspired early in her career as a result of her background with Aveda (several decades ago) as the founder and his passion for the environment was quite innovative at that time. They were one of the first corporations to sign the Valdez principles after the Exxon Valdez oil spill and it was an honor to be part of one of the first truly “green” missions.  She is always inspired by various companies (not necessarily beauty) that are devoted to environmental concerns and minimizing toxins for the planet (animals being a huge concern for her) and people alike.

What have been your achievements thus far?

We take tremendous pride in Sevani's “Champion” status achieved by the EWG early on, and our commitment to unique, nontoxic, cruelty free products developed by a skin expert of over 28 years.  Sher's decades of hands on experience inspire her as a Holistic Aesthetician daily.  She regularly evaluates client’s skin, the environmental impact and common challenges they experience to create and recommend advanced botanical formulations for the most sensitive of skin types.  She is also a fierce animal advocate, volunteer wildlife rehabber and proud of her commitment to the environment and nontoxic skincare for the environment and humans alike.  She continues to make a difference for her clients and animal welfare while consistently working towards helping her devoted clients of more then 20+ years.  She works countless hours hoping to bring about positive change, and is an inspiration to many herself.