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Meet Indie Lee

Safe & Chic

Posted on September 24 2015

For a new customer trying out your brand what would you suggest as their skin routine? 

That really depends on skin type! But we have a few products that work wonderfully with most skin types, like our Rosehip Cleanser, CoQ-10 Toner and Calendula Eye Balm. The Rosehip Cleanser is a super gentle and luxurious cleanser that calls upon rosehip seed oil to assist with anti-aging. The CoQ-10 Toner will refresh the complexion and pH balance the skin. And, our Calendula Eye Balm treats the sensitive under eye area, helping with dark circles and puffiness that many of us are prone to. For the body, I also live by the Coconut Citrus Body Scrub. It was the first product I developed for the line and is as moisturizing as it is exfoliating.

What sets you apart from other skincare lines similar to yours?

The story and the passion behind the brand are very unique. I started the collection after I was diagnosed with a nearly-fatal brain tumor that was most likely derived from the environment. It was a hard diagnosis to understand because at the time I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle. My doctor’s helped me realize that my health issues could have been the result of something as simple as what I was putting on my body day in and day out. Even though I had a garden out back and was eating organic food, I wasn’t paying attention to my beauty regimen. After that moment in my doctor’s office, I realized that I had an opportunity to not only make the most out of my situation, but to also help educate others and provide a healthier answer. And that’s why I started the Indie Lee collection.

What is the best beauty advice you have received? And from whom?

Oooh good question. As my doctor pointed out when I received my diagnosis, “what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it.”  Our skin is our largest organ - up to 60% of what we put on it can be directly absorbed into the bloodstream. So my advice to others is to read the ingredients in your products and empower yourself to make healthier choices.

What ingredients are definitely not added to any of your products?

All of the products are all-natural and free from parabens, phthalates, talc, and petroleum.

What has been the most challenging part of your journey creating this brand?

We are a small company and we all wear many hats, balancing our time and focus between various projects and functions can be challenging. Fortunately, I have an amazing team so finding that balance (and sometimes we don’t) is still a blast and I can’t imagine doing it with any other individuals.

What can we expect from your brand in the near future?

We’re working on major expansion into new markets, as well as looking to debut new products in new and exciting product categories.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

What sets Indie Lee apart is our passion and our purpose. Since surviving surgery to remove my brain tumor, I feel like I was given another chance at life! It’s been my mission since to not only create the collection, but to also help others understand the choices they are making and how those choices can impact them. While there might be other all-natural skincare collections on the market, I speak from personal experience in everything that I do and create.