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Adina Grigore Founder of S.W. Basics - Q&A

Safe & Chic

Posted on September 17 2015

What is one product in your line that you absolutely cannot live without and why?

The Cream. I would literally die. No, that's dramatic, but I can't imagine my life without it. It fully healed my skin, and it's an instant soother. It really fixes everything. I mean it. 

What are the ingredients you never use in your products and the reasons behind this decision?

I can promise the list is longer than any you've ever seen before. I mean, that's how we landed at "5 ingredients or less," because there are so few ingredients that I consider to be worth going in skincare. Generally: fragrance, synthetics, preservatives, emulsifiers... basically anything that goes into a product for the product and not for your skin. 

What products will you soon be coming out with?

We are working on so many fun things but nothing is quite ready yet, stay tuned!  

What has been the most challenging part of your journey creating this brand?

 Something goes wrong every day. The myth that you someday just arrive and the work is done is a huge, ugly stumbling block that should really get wiped from everyone's perspective of business. 

What sets you apart from your competitors?

I'm the most sensitive of them all.  

What are you glad you didn't know when you first started this brand that you know now?

See above about the most challenging parts! If I knew it would be this hard to make it happen, I would have paused. Probably still done it, but definitely paused!