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In-depth look into Bottega Organica. We asked the questions you wanted to know

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Posted on September 10 2015

What makes your brand different from other natural/organic skincare brands?

We combine science with nature: high level research conducted by Dr. Alimonti, our chief scientist and one of the co-founders, and our scientific advisory board combined with organic hand-harvested ingredients from our farms or known certified organic growers. We also don’t incorporate any preservatives in our products. All products are made with purely plant material. In other words, we address natural preservation throughout our process.

  1. How would you approach a new customer unfamiliar with your brand to choose the right products for them to start using?

Our product range is essentially suitable for all skin types and concerns — particularly for those with sensitive, dry, and/or aging skin. Our products are very multi-functional. Our serums can be used to boost any product in the line. And our mists can be used before the oils to enhance absorption. The eye illuminate cream can even be used as a makeup highlighter — to be applied to cheekbones and bridge of nose for a radiant, dewy glow.

  1. For the skeptical customer who has not yet changed over to natural/organic skincare, what would you say to them to help them ditch their toxic skincare routine?

Over 60% of what we apply to our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream: this is why we absolutely avoid all possible toxic ingredients in our products. If we’re careful about what we eat––often seeking out natural and organic ingredients and avoiding foods with preservatives and artificial substances––shouldn’t we also be as careful about what we put on our skin? We certainly think so. We hope that the Bottega Organica experience is part of a positive change in the way we think about all products that we use in our lives. We want to inspire confidence that you don’t need toxins and chemicals for a product to be effective.

  1. What would you say the difference is between your serums and oils? How can a customer know which one is best for them to use?

A serum is a boosting product and is a “nice to have” item in any natural anti-aging skincare regimen. It can truly make a difference in the health of your skin. A serum can promote skin elasticity, fresher and hydrated skin texture, less visible lines and wrinkles, etc. Ours are packed with antioxidants and vitamins from organic plant botanicals – and of course prawn sage – which quickly penetrate the deeper levels of the skin. Typically of a light consistency, a serum quickly sinks into the skin. Our face serums have a base of soothing glycerin (pure, certified organic, soy-derived), which keeps skin hydrated––making them perfect summer daytime standalone moisturizers. To use, apply a thin layer during the day after cleansing/misting for a smooth, youthfully radiant complexion. You can apply a serum at night, under your face oil or cream.

An oil is to be used like a face moisturizer to further nourish the skin, boost hydration, and leave the skin radiantly youthful. We have an array of face oils, and a customer can choose based on their skin concern or preferred scent - i.e. anti-blemish oil (orange) for ultra sensitive/combo-acne-prone skin as it contains chamomile and high mallow to soothe irritations and sweet orange peel oil to boost radiance and clean out pores. 

  1. Dr Alimonti studied the aging process as a means for cancer fighting therapies, how did this translate into the products that Bottega Organica now offers to their customers?

Dr. Alimonti has been studying the molecular mechanisms of aging for the past ten years and is the most prominent scientist worldwide in this field. He developed a scientific method to select plants with anti-aging effects. He just published his discovery in a prestigious medical journal, Nature. Using his method, we were able to select several plants with great anti-aging activity. The discovery of powerful anti-senescence activity in prawn sage (salvia haenkei), our key star ingredient, inspired the desire to create a skincare line that would help to preserve cellular health and maintain skin’s youthful glow. As doctors working in oncology, there was a poignant awareness of a need for nontoxic skincare, so we only use plant-derived organic or wild crafted ingredients. Our mission is to create effective anti-aging skincare without artificial or synthetic ingredients.


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