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Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi

Safe & Chic

Posted on July 20 2015

Philip Pelusi on Product Artistry - Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi -Tela translates to fabric. It is the Latin term for "woven" -- an apt reflection of Philip Pelusi's philosophy for organic hair care and organic body care innovation and design.

Pelusi approaches Tela product formula developments as a couturier addresses fabric -- varying textures, lengths, and colors, recognizing that hair and skin require unique products, attention and care.

Widely recognized for his "skincare approach to hair care," Philip's Tela product artistry process begins with the hair follicle and with an emphasis on damage reduction, overall strength and enhancing the hairs' natural attributes. His passion for developing products, juxtaposed with his love of nature, has led him to innovate the best of nature's sustainable ingredients with the most advance science. Philip devises and engineers bespoke products to manage a wide variety of hair and texture concerns facing today's educated customers.

"The Tela vision advocates treating and cleansing hair and skin as you would your finest fabrics -- cashmere and silk."

In this approach, we may consider that our hairs' first priority is to be authentically healthy from the inside out. Rather, than prolonging a manufactured appearance of health upon the surface.

You will find that Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi is an entirely different 'feel' for the hair. For the professional stylist, it inspires education, because the hair becomes a new textile. For the client, it is a whole new paradigm. It suggests that we become entirely conscious in how we approach and maintain our hair fabric. This includes the right products as well as benefiting from the right haircut.

Education and awareness are key to evolving this unique global process along. This is why at Tela, we carefully consult and educate our clients -- to provide products and groundbreaking insights into 'transforming' their hair into luxe fabric, and more importantly, the approach they 'learn' to take with it.