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Indie Lee - Her Story and Journey

Safe & Chic

Posted on July 09 2015

Indie Lee & Co was born out of a realization that we all need to go back to basics. We need to stop putting so many chemicals on our bodies and in our bodies.  Let’s face it the skin is the largest organ in our body and we put more chemicals and toxins on it then we want to admit…and don’t even get me started on whether we look at the expiration dates of our lotions and potions. It’s so interesting, prior to this renewal of spirit, I would easily have used my body lotion until it was empty and not even given a thought of when it went bad…yet you couldn’t pay me to eat a 12 month old tomato, sprayed with carcinogens. However, there is absolutely no difference in the two examples other then we all are guilty of the first. But I digress.

I started the company when my sister was expecting her first child and the thought of her using Baby Powder with talc (a known toxin) was too much for me to bear. So I created all natural, 100% organic baby body products for my soon to be nephew. Wow what a great idea everyone said, you should market it separately. Of course my inner voice said gee that would be fun, but could it be successful? No matter how many people believed I could do it, I had to believe in myself.

Then a little divine intervention…OK a kick in the head would be more like it.

I had been having some headaches, my peripheral vision was starting to be effected on my left side, I was told at 37 I was in menopause, and I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in July. (To be honest, I didn’t mind the third point. I have two beautiful children and consider myself blessed.) My internist, a brilliant doctor, thought we should just do a quick MRI to make sure there was nothing going on, it just seemed like too much in such a short period of time.

On November 4, 2008 I had an MRI. The results came back and my internist was correct – I had a brain tumor. There was my kick in the head! Five expert tumor centers in four different states later and we are still unsure what it exactly is. The one constant is that it needs to be removed – via craniotomy. I am obviously over simplifying this for the purpose of the blog and to get you all up to date quickly. Many dark days and nights have passed over the last 4 months – but many great lights have shined as well. I am sure now more than ever what we put in and on our bodies, what we clean and fragrance our homes and how we recycle these produce with has so much to do with the decline in health these days. Autism, cancer, ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, tumors, asthma – you name it the statistics are there. The question is what we are doing to change things.

So readers …that is where the inspiration and the drive to create a national outlet and platform for Indie Lee was born. The only thing I can do is share my story and my passion. It’s up to everyone else to join in on the cause.

XOXO, Indie